What is this match?

Stemming from personal experiences with the Beatson cancer treatment centre, who have treated his mum, Ross Mckay was keen to give something back, and with fishing as his biggest hobby, naturally looked to see what could be achieved to do some well deserved fundraising for The Beatson. 

Initial discussions focused on a pegged match in Scotland, but soon morphed into a format that can give everyone in the UK a chance to win, whilst bringing many people together behind a brilliant cause. 

This is a rover with as wide a range of limits as you will have ever seen before. No matter where you are in the UK, so long as you fish from the shore, you can enter. 


How is the match won?

The match will be run on the two best specimens, of different species, per angler, with the fish entered with video evidence of it being weighed. 

The specimen points for each fish will be calculated against the Angling Trust specimen chart for the area in which the fish is caught. Only fish scoring over 50% will qualify. 

Your score will be your combination of the two percentages of specimen weights, though two species will always beat one, regardless of total score. 


How do I record a fish?

You will be provided with two links at the start of the match. One is a forum to upload your catch videos to, the other is a calculator to check your percentage score of your fish, so that you only record your two best specimens, or subsequent improvements on fish you have already recorded. 

Fish MUST be weighed in a sling. The video MUST show the scales zeroed with the sling on them and you MUST use a phrase whilst recording; the phrase will only be announced at the start of the competition. 


Are there any restriction?

So long as you fish from the shore, in the UK, then no. You may fish as long or as little as you like. You can use any baits, or even lures and you can fish multiple rods/hooks. 

The idea is that the competition complements your existing weekend fishing, with the focus on raising money for the Beatson.


How do I enter?

You can enter by making a donation to the JustGiving page – here: (please do not make anonymous, we need to be able to track entrants! 

Please note that the minimum donation for entry is £10, or £12 if you’re not going to wear a wig to fish!



How do I find out more?

You can email wiged@hookpoint.co.uk