Imax Arx fishing warm waterproof affordable suit review

What’s the best quality affordable warm and waterproof fishing suit?

First off; there’s plenty of options – for all budgets. Not just in the angling market either, but if you look to hiking, sailing and other outdoor pursuits, you will rapidly expand your options. 

In the fishing world, Imax have staked a real claim in the market for insulated waterproof fishing suits in recent years; releasing a range spanning multiple budgets. 

The Imax ARX Oceanic Thermo Suit can be had for a reasonable price for a 2 piece and is one that will interest many newer anglers approaching their first winter season. 

Independent review

Fortunately for us, John Locker  – AKA The Fish Locker, has reviewed the Imax ARX Oceanic Thermo Suit in the following video.

We source and verify independent reviews from anglers not affiliated to the brands being reviewed. 

See what John has to say about the pros and cons of this warm fishing suit and if you want to read up more about it, follow the links below the video.