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The Fish Locker

An incredibly experienced small boat angler, John's skills also extend to shore angling and freshwater. His videos deliver with an instructive element suitable to beginners, along with more detailed tips that experienced anglers will draw benefit from.

HookPoint Fishing Magazine Chris O'Sullivan

Chris O'Sullivan Fishing

An experienced international angler, Chris reguarly publishes excellent videos for the match anglers amongst us, but is also now getting the bug for specimen angling. His videos are sure to be a great insight into his journey into this form of angling.

Saltwater Lure Fishing

Home to one of the best lure fising channels dedicated to UK saltwater lure anglers. A wide array of videos covering catches, releases, product reviews, how to tackle up and all sorts of other advice. Certainly one not to miss for the lure enthusiast.

HookPoint Fishing Magazine Ben Conway Dogfish Diary

Dogfish Diary

There's no doubting that Ben's angling writing is class leading. If his videos can immerse us in his angling as much as his writing does, we'll all be in for a treat, though perhaps glued to the screens a little longer than would be deemed healthy.. We'll take that risk!

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The Gambling Angler

Jansen's years of experience, both in the Bristol Channel and beyond, are now being put to practice as he ventures out as a guide. His videos include some experiences from his guided trips along with many sessions alongside other top anglers from the south west.