In light of the recent events at the EOBC, one could excuse people for being wary of entering or indeed running rover type competitions; yet, such is the popularity of Wayne Hand’s UK Shore Catch Reports facebook group, an inaugral competition of theirs with no boundaries throughout the UK has over 100 people competing.

The format is simple, any species over 18cm counts for 10 points each month (maximum 1 of any species), whilst for bonus points up to two specimens of a species can be recorded each month. The points are structured in a way that a few good specimens could be a monthly winner, whilst someone preferring to go down the quantity route of multiple species also has a chance.

Whilst rules have been kept simple to take out the potential areas where cheating can occur, such a competiton still has to run on a high degree of trust amongst competitors. These sort of events help build that trust and bring anglers from all over the country together. In a time when we all need to stand strong against multuple challenges to our sport, these competitons can be the catalyst for so much more.

We’ll be publishing the league tables in the magazine each month, or you can view them weekly on the UK Shore Catch Reports facebook page. Places are full for this year, but an expansion next year is well under consideration already given this years popularity.

HookPoint fishing magazine Undulate Ray UK Shore Catch Reports competition

Entrants into the competition will also get the opportunity to have their catches featured in Hookpoint magazine each month, where we will highlight the best specimens, accumulated species and other notable catches. If you catch something very special, it may even make it onto the cover! 


We can’t wait to see the catches from the UK Shore Catch Reports community that are going to form part of this competition. Best of luck to all.