Hookpoint skarnsundet fishing competition

We are absolutely ecstatic to be announcing that in October 2021, Hookpoint will be hosting what we very much hope to be the first of many shore fishing festivals at Skarnsundet Fjordcentre, in the Trondheimsfjord, Norway. 

In collaboration with Phill Dale at Skarnsundet Fjordcentre, Hookpoint will be running the inaugural competition from the 23-30 October 2021, and even for those unable to make it, we are taking an extensive coverage team along to relay live and scheduled videos, features, images and all the insight throughout every day of the competition. 

Lucky winners will take away a share of a £5,000 cash prize pool, along with extensive prize tables across a number of categories, and with entrants limited to just 25 individual anglers, the chances are high. 

As it stands, there is just one apartment for 5 competitors remaining… so if you think you may be interested in entering after reading this, get in touch as soon as possible. Existing competitors will get first refusal on any annual recurrence of the competition. 

The format

The competition is an individual shore based event, run across 6 days (4 full, 2 half). There are two main categories – specimen hunting and species hunting. 

Within each of these categories are daily prizes and overall weekly prizes. 

The aim on the specimen side of the competition is to record your best 5 specimens across 5 different species throughout the week. Relative points for a fish are calculated based off of a defined specimen weight for each species. E.g. if specimen for a cod is 20lb, a 40lb cod would score 200 points. 

The aim on the species side is very straight forward, catch as many different species as you can! 

Catch, video and release will be practiced for many species, with the usual eating species bought back to the scales in the limited numbers, given one only needs to record their best of any species. 

The Limits

There are no distance limits imposed, other than fishing to take place from the shore, within Norway. However, each competitor must report to one designated weigh in each day, so you cannot travel so far as to miss these check ins. 

The rod and hook limit is 2 bait rods, with a maximum of 4 hooks across both (a pennel is 2). In addition, a lure/lrf rod may also be in use. 

There is no limit on the number of prizes one competitor can claim, i.e. winning one category does not prevent them from also winning another. It is equally possible for one angler to pick up first and second day prizes in the specimen category, as will be seen under ‘prizes’. 

There are no bait limitations, aside from live baiting, which is not permitted within Norway. 

The Prizes

There are both ‘daily’ and overall prizes. The daily prizes will cover a defined qualifying period between check ins, being 4 in total.

For each of these periods of the competition, 4 cash prizes will be awarded. 

  1. £250 to the captor of the best specimen in the period. 
  2. £125 to the second best specimen in the period. 
  3. £250 to the person who adds the most species to their overall tally in the period.
  4. £125 to the person who adds the second most species to their overall tally in the period. 

The overall prizes will be:

  1. £1000 for the overall specimen winner (Most accumulated points across 5 different species). + Prize table for places. 
  2. £1000 for the overall most species winner + Prize table for places. 
  3. A number of species specific prizes to be confirmed


There are 5 apartments which can each accommodate 5 competitors. As it stands, 1 apartment remains unfilled, so there are 5 places left available in the competition. 

This apartment and the 5 places will go to the first group able to commit to the dates and settle a £100 per person deposit. 

The total entry cost per angler, to include their deposit, is £500. This is inclusive of accommodation costs. 

Flights and transport must be arranged by the competitors themselves. 

Entry into next years competition secures first refusal on an intended repeat in 2022.

More information

We have published more information under the ‘events’ tab of our Facebook Page. 

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