Should I buy a Penn 525 Mag 4?

Should I buy a Penn 525 Mag 4?

After a number of iterations of the tried and trusted original 525 Mag, including various mag configurations such as the ‘slidey’ mag, Penn freshened up the image of the reel with the introduction of the Penn 525 Mag 2. Whilst some were pleased and others still swear by them, the general consensus was that it failed to live up to the original and had a few potential performance issues. 

It was, therefore, not at all surprising when Penn bought out the 525 Mag 3 only a few years later, only to experience a lot of the same feedback, with many feeling it was little more than a re-fresh of colours. 

Which brings us to the release of the 525 Mag 4 and the question of whether they’ve finally got it right and released a reel worthy of the Mag 525 title, with numerous anglers still seeking out the originals on the second hand market over the 2nd or 3rd generation offerings. 

Independent review

In the days of social media influencers / sponsored anglers /pro-teams or whatever else you want to call the armies of individuals every brand has on hand to create a mini fanfare on launch of most products, it’s refreshing to see when a product comes out on name alone. There was very little foisted upon us with this reel, but it was eagerly anticipated none the less. 

Fortunately it didn’t take long for a few unaffiliated and independent YouTubers and bloggers to review the reel. The following video was, in our opinion, the most informative, and offers a good insight into the changes that have been made beneath the surface of this iteration of the popular range. 

The Penn 525 Mag 4 can be purchased here, where the detailed specs are also given. You can get a discount when buying any pair of multiplier reels with Veals Mail Order. 

For a detailed written review on the baby brother to this reel, the Penn 515 Mag 4, check out Ben Conway’s excellent blog here. The Penn 515 Mag 4 can be purchased here, with the same pair of reels discount on offer.