Our high quality print edition, presented in a spined layout with thick, quality glossed pages throughout, is now available in a growing number of tackle shops at just £3.75 an issue. 

You can find all the stockists listed here!

Buying from a tackle shop will remain the cheapest way to acquire this magazine. 

For those that do not yet have a local shop stocking the magazine, we are offering a range of subscription offers. 

Given the near half kilo weight of the magazine, the postage cost is a minimum of £2.70, incorporated into the prices here. 

We are offering 6 and 12 month subscriptions, whilst also offering the chance to sign up for multiple copies, where friends or family can have a combined subscription to save on postage. 

If you would like more than 3 copies each month, or are in a non-UK postcode area, please contact us at grantjones@hookpoint.co.uk

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