What is the Sea Angling Classic?

The Sea Angling Classic, run by Spirit of Angling, whilst being a major boat fishing competition to be hosted in the solent in 2022, with an invitational media event in 2021, is intended to be much more than just a competition. The aim is that The Sea Angling Classic will be the start of a unique and global concept, which will benefit the environment, introduce fishing to a whole new generation, deliver key data on the sport and species and secure the future of sea fishing.

Who will be fishing the 2021 invitational?

Hookpoint will be sending a team consisting of our editor Grant Jones, Hookpoint’s boat editor James Wigglesworth, Hookpoint’s head of media Rob Johnson, Hookpoint’s small boat, big fish series writer Ben Carter and The Fish Locker’s very own John Locker. We’ll all be fishing aboard ‘Indie’, skippered by Ray McLaren. 

Around 100 other anglers will participate in 2021 aboard roughly 40 boats. The full entrant list can be found here: 2021 Entry List

The boat chartered by Hookpoint for the event, skippered by Ray Mclaren

What is the format of the competition?

Fishing in a boat within determined solent limits, each angler is targeting the longest accumulated length from their best 3 fish of 5 different species (so an angler can record 15 fish in total for their length, with no more than 3 of each species). 

The species to be targeted are tope, smooth-hound, all skate species, bass and black bream. 

The angler with the longest length on day 1 will score 1 point, second gets 2 and so on down to 50th. All other anglers are proposed to then get 51 points. 

The second day repeats, starting lengths from scratch and awarding points in the same manner at the end of the day. The angler with the lowest points scored across the two days will win (the lowest total being 2 points for winning both days). 

What other key rules are there?

Without going into too great a detail, the following has been advised so far. We will be doing a full feature following the inaugural invitational, having learnt more, to allow our readers to consider entry next year. 

  • 1 rod, 2 hooks. 
  • Bait and artificials allowed
  • All fish recorded via the organisers app
  • Longer fish will displace already recorded shorter fish if an angler has already recorded 3 of a species
  • Boats must have at least two anglers onboard

Can I enter yet for 2022?

As it stands, a date has not yet been announced. Your best bet is to sign up as a early interested party to receive updates via email. You can do that here: 2022 information.

Where can I find out more?

We will continue to run further features as we know more about the event. This will include a very substantive piece after our entry in the July 2021 invitational event. 

For now, we suggest following the link below to keep up to date on the Sea Angling Classic website. 

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