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Throughout the level 5 lockdown in Ireland, Chris O’Sullivan is producing a number of videos on constructing a variety of fishing rigs. We’ll be sharing these within each issue with some accompanying diagrams as a future reference point, particularly for those newer joiners to our sport, though even for the more experienced, it’s always worth seeing how someone else addresses rig tying as every day is a learning day and minor adjustments can lead to big improvements in catch rates.  

The first rigs to be featured this month should be a staple of any anglers rig wallet. 

First up is the flapper rig, which may be tied as either a 2 or 3 hook flapper, but is constructed in the same manner, less the extra components for 1 of the 3 snoods if going for the 2 hook variant. 

It is a rig generally used for in close fishing, with small hooks, where a variety of species may be present thus allowing to present an array of baits across the hooks. 


The 'Flapper rig'

2 hook flapper rig
Minimum components: 1 X Length of rig body in desired breaking strain, 1 X appropriate size swivel for the top of the rig, 1 X Lead link + (per snood) 2 micro rig beads, 2 crimps (or stop knot powergum), 1 smaller snood swivel, 1 hook in desired size and 1 length of desired snood line.

The up and over rig

This next rig is highly versatile. An ‘up and over’ rig allows for a fairly long snood to be cast on a rig body half it’s own length. 

This can be deadly for presenting a long flowing snood straight on the bottom of the seabed. By varying the snood length, hook size, use of attractors on the snood and baits, the rig can be used to target practically any shore caught species. They are quick to tie and should be a staple of all anglers rig wallets. 

There are a few variants on the up and over, some of which fix the snood off of the main rig body (like a flapper) and use an SRT spring for correct tensioning, whilst others are what can best be described as a clipped up and over running ledger – the advantages of which are improved bite detection and the lead counterbalancing the rig to create it’s own tension when clipped up. 

The downside, as to any running ledger, is remove the effect of a fish hooking itself against the weight of the lead so easily. 

up and over pulley rig
This is the running ledger variety of up and over rig. The following video demonstrates the 'fixed' snood option.
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