Is the guy cotten surf comfort the best fishing smock

Is the Guy Cotten Surf Comfort the best fishing smock?

This will always be a subjective answer, as like everything else, people will seek different qualities in different items and there’s never anything that is to everyones liking. 

So here’s a few positives and negatives to get you going, then we have the best video we can find giving an independent review (or in this case a thorough waterproofness test) on the Surf Comfort Smock. 


  • Thoroughly waterproof in the harshest conditions
  • Great breathability ensures you won’t sweat excessively on a long hike
  • Very comfortable, with soft leatherette neck lining and elastic velcro adjusted waist
  • Tough abrasion resistant material


  • Small hood
  • Not the cheapest!

Independent review

The following video is less of a review and more of a very visual example of just how reliably waterproof this smock is. 

What we can say from our use is that the smock ticks all the boxes, aside from wanting to wear a headlight under the hood, it is simply too small. That’s ok for those who wear it on top, or who dispense with hoods altogether in preference of waterproof hats, but is an unfortunate shortcoming for anyone with a larger head! 

The video comes from Tom Bagnall of Christchurch Angling Centre – They stock the smocks in store but unfortunately do not list them online – you can obtain the Guy Cotten Surf Comfort online here.