Making your own mackerel feathers fish locker

There’s little more satisfying in fishing than catching fish on a rig you’ve made yourself. Even lure anglers have developed a fascination with constructing their own needle lures recently, though the discipline is some way off the fly fishing community, where tying a fly is as much a part of the sport as the fishing itself. 

A halfway house between a regular bait fishing rig and a lure is a string of mackerel feathers. Like a series of mini simplistic lures on a modified flapper rig, they are simple enough for all to make. 

Whilst they are cheap enough in the shops, it’s certainly a fun activity to do with any kids on a wet day. The feathers themselves can be made from such a wide variety of materials that it’s a great way of recycling too! 

All you need in order to get creating your own mackerel feathers are:

–  sufficient strength mono – (40lb will do on a boat, but it needs stepping up for casting on the shore, at least 10lb per oz of lead you intend to cast, plus another 10.)

– Hooks. If it’s proper sized mackerel on your mind, stick to something like a 1/0. They’ll take this without taking it right down, making unhooking easier. If you are thinking of herring or joey mackerel or even launce then you will want to scale the hooks down. Sometimes this may mean tying a tippet of line to the thicker mono in order to tie smaller hooks. 

– A link and swivel for either end of the rig. 

– Materials to construct the ‘feather’. Colourful, shiny, metallic is ideal! Along with a few small beads, some rig glue and thread, you’re soon on your way. 

Then just watch the following video from the Fish Locker for the simple method to create each individual ‘lure’ and the ideal rig body to fit them too. 

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