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If you follow us on social media, you may have seen we’ve launched an app, available on both IOS and Android devices from the app and play stores respectively. Just search Hookpoint and you will be able to find it, or, if you are on a mobile or tablet device at the moment, use the respective links below! 

What you may not be aware of is that the Hookpoint App is far more than just Hookpoint. It features quick access, within the app, to a growing number of additional online free sea angling blogs from some of the best writers out here. 

We wanted to take a chance to introduce each of the current additions here, not that you need any more reason to download the app! Though, perhaps you notice a blog that is missing, that you’d like to see within the app. If so, download the app and use the contact form to let us know and we’ll see what we can do. 


Does Henry need any introduction? Renowned angling photographer, writer, presenter and guide, Henry’s blog these days focuses predominantly on bass lure fishing in the UK and Ireland, with all manner of other species from his travels further afield. 

Henry is very much a ‘thinking angler’ and his blogs often pose questions that challenge us about how we perceive different elements of our fishing tackle or approach to given situations. They are always very engaging and prompt a lot of valued debate in the comments. 



Ben has been with Hookpoint from the start, and when he isn’t contributing brilliantly engaging contributions to this publication, he’s producing even more for his personal website. 

We’ve said before, and will readily repeat, that nobody writes quite like Ben. His style is immediately recognisable and he has the ability to bring excitement and intrigue to any story. Couple this with his growing talent in photography and it all makes for an enthralling read and view. 


Ben is an LRF fanatic who has been a regular contributor to Hookpoint in the last year. Based in the Plymouth area, a 20g rated spinning rod is, to him, the equivalent of a tournament class casting rod to your typical shore angler! 

Ben brilliantly brings to life the fun and excitement this discipline of fishing can bring, whilst also capturing the most brilliantly colourful images of the wide variety of smaller UK species that often go ignored. He’s also regularly in a tussle with some very respectable wrasse and flounder, maximising the sport on light lines. 


Whether from boat or shore, author of the Brighton Inshore Fishing blog, Robin Howard is an accomplished angling journalist, guide, skipper and angler. 

When Robin isn’t chasing fish abroad, you’ll find him fishing Brighton and the surrounding area both afloat on ‘B.I.F.1’ or from the shore, where he is equally adept at putting clients on the fish and bringing us all engaging blogs to learn more from. 


Bought to you by Devon based angler and angling journalist Wayne Thomas, North Devon Angling News has all the latest catches, reports and breaking fishing news from the North Devon coastline. 

Covering all disciplines of angling, the app will load this blog on the sea angling section, though you can navigate to all the comprehensive content North Devon Angling News has to offer. 


Author of ‘A Bass Anglers Life’, Robin has probably met the cliche of forgetting more about bass fishing than most of us will ever know, even if he wouldn’t claim to himself. 

His experience, coupled with a natural ability to portray this in words is a blessing for the rest of us, with plenty of blog posts on his site freely accessible via the app. 



Hopefully we’ll have more great free content to include within the app soon. We won’t stop looking to grow it, so do let us know of any other content you’d like to see. In the meantime, as well as all of this blog content, you can also catch up on all of The Fish Locker’s latest videos from within the app, or get your retail therapy fix with Veals Mail Order, right from within the app. 

Reviews and downloads help the app grow, so please share this with your angling friends, as we look to bring all of the best free sea angling content together for the benefit of all sea anglers. 

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