Coming soon - following release of the print issue

A few months back, I was very lucky to receive a copy of Dave Lewis’ latest book; Destination Angler III. For those that have yet to read the prior volumes, these books follow Dave’s many exploits around the world, unearthing the stories to accompany his fishing trips that have never been possible to squeeze into his magazine features over the years. 

Rather than just review the excellent book, that I’ve struggled to put down since, I wanted to dive behind the words and bring Hookpoint’s readers some extra insight into Dave’s wider career in angling journalism. 

Dave kindly provided the coffee as I fired questions at him covering his inspiration behind the books, his experiences working with Shimano and within the wider angling industry, the impact of social media and we even debated what can be done to turn the tide and get more kids back into fishing. 

All of this will be published here, following the release of the next printed issue of Hookpoint on the 17th May. You won’t want to miss it!

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